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The Island Venus collection consists of hand carved cast bronze pieces,

inspired by symbolism, complemented with crystals and brass elements.


Each piece holds deep symbolic meaning, whether it’s calling upon

the power of the moon, Egyptian Goddess Isis, or the energy of crystals. 

Having a conscious relationship to the power of these forces allows the wearer

to adorn themself and imbue the magic of these elements into their daily life.


The act of wearing Island Venus jewelry is meant to be interactive,

helping create the mindfulness of ceremony, self care, and to set intentions.


Island Venus Jewelry assists and encourages you

to step into and own your power. 


The decision to cast in Bronze was based on

its integrity and powerful historical significance. 

Between the Stone Age and the Iron Age, was the Bronze Age.

Bronze is a hearty metal; strong and enduring. 

Bronze is often used in nautical hardwear, as it is resistant to salt water corrosion.

 Bronze has a warm golden color. 

It will patina over time, but can easily be polished back to brightness. 

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